The estate has a total of five hectares of vineyards divided into:



Località Benducce, Montalcino with 1.2 hectares facing southeast at 500 meters above sea level.



A vineyard in Castelnuovo dell' Abate with 2.8 hectares facing southwest at 350 m.a.s.l



Two tenant vineyards equal to a total of 1.5 hectares, one facing northwest and the other southeast.


The microclimate is certainly favorable for winemaking, thanks to the nearby sea and Monte Amiata.


The soil is mostly marl and stone favoring good drainage of rainwater.<


In some areas, we have tried to maintain terraced vineyards, just like in traditional Tuscan agriculture.


The vines range from 7 to 30 years old


The training system is spurred cordon with 4,200 buds per hectare.


On our estate, we only grow Sangiovese Grosso grapes known as Brunello in Montalcino, with a production of 60 quintals of grapes per hectare.


The vineyards and olive groves are cultivated under supervised control with organic fertilizer and without the use of herbicides.


Being a small family-run winery, most of the work is done by hand, such as the harvest in September and October.

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