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Wine is the expression of winemaker, our wine has our character.

From generation to generation, they have handed down the love and passion for their native land.
As evidenced by the medal awarded to the grandfather of the current owner, the attachment to the origins is firm and strong. Each member of the Tornesi family was born, lived and worked within the company making it grow year after year.
The company has always produced wine. In 1967 Gino Tornesi enrolled his vineyards in Brunello, becoming one of the first members of the Consortium, as a producer but not as a bottler.

Le Benducce… a company, a family

It was his son Maurizio who began his productive and commercial activity in 1993 with the first production of Rosso di Montalcino and in 1998 with Brunello, harvest 1993.
Today the company boasts a new cellar, built in 2009, equipped with all the necessary but at the same time has a classic style, traditional with its structure entirely in stone and rock.
It also has a beautiful panoramic terrace from which you can see a wonderful view.
The wines are proof of this work with passion and stubbornness.

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